Pokemon Go was officially announced by Chespin Community Day


After years of being excluded from the game in updates and Niantic talking about wanting to implement it properly, Kecleon is finally starting to appear in Pokemon Go.

In the preparation for a Pokemon Go Tour (feb. 2010) with Hoenn, Gen IIIs Color Swap Pokemon appear unique in the form of a creature that is most likely invisible to the world.

After Chespin Community Day on Jan. 7, some players noticed that select PokeStops were out of order in the overworld. This means players can’t redeem items from them as they normally would. However, upon further inspection, interfering with those odd PokeStops will tell you something very interesting.

If you look at the image featured on those PokeStops, players will notice a mostly transparent Kecleon in different positionsacting as if it were blending in the image used on that PokeStop disc.

She saw him here with video proof guys. Kecleon is officially in Pokemon Go!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/O4FMMLQwQ2 pic.twitter.com/O4FMMLQwQ2.

Master Warlord TL 47 (@MasterWarlord01) January 7, 2023

According to the reports from the meetings, trying to spin certain PokeStops could prompt players to notice that an object prevents them from collecting these items. They can tap Kecleon to make them move around the image and become visible. The clearing of it will bring Kecleon to an overworld after you spin the PokeStop and finally permit you to capture one of several Pokemon that hasn’t been on Pokemon Go for years. One of the many Pokemon who have not already been in that game, is all that is already on the site of most of Hoenn’s collection.

After a break from the mid-december, Kecleon was incorporated into the game around the Hoenn Tour, although it is a bit odd to see that it appear randomly after Chespin Community Day.

Niantic continuously noticed that it was aware that fans wanted Kecleon to add to the games for a variety of reasons, but that it wanted to take the unique characteristics of the Pokemon. That’s an approach that Niantic always takes when implementing Pokemon that have odd mechanics that relate to their appearances in the series titles, with Zorua and Zoroark being among those that haven’t yet been added.


Maybe, you know that we haven’t announced about next year’s announcement or any of our event plans, but I’ll just say that we haven’t forgotten about Kecleon, Zorua or Pokemon that have unique characteristics, said the Niantic director last July. We really want to do better by them. Kecleons shouldn’t be so wild as they appear. We want to make it a special one.

In addition to the update on the site, more information about Kecleon encounters will be available soon.


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