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Pokémon GO: What can you catch a cute bird?

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Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Bombirdier in Pokémon Go, but you’re going to need a lot of luck to do so.

When you encounter a Bombird in Pokemon GO, there is no chance it’ll be a shiny version. There are many times when Bombirder can be seen.

There are only days where the birds are spawned. In the future, it’ll likely begin to spawn in the wild.

GO Pokemon – How to Get Shiny Sproutbird!

To win the shiny Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, you must defeat Bombirdier first in a Raid 3. Secondly, you must hope that the mannequin you encounter is the shiny one.

Unfortunately, Bombirdier’s chances of being shiny are around 1,6 %, or 1 in 64.

So you average win 64 BMB/s, but you can’t find a pretty good version.

If you don’t want to grind dozens of Raids, please wait for Bombirdier to become more readily available in the future.

What colour is a sluty flower?

The shiny version of Bombirdier is very similar to the normal version, due to its size and white appearance. The bottom of its wings is black.

One good thing about the old-fashioned bombirdier is the white beak and legs in the black beak rather than reddish colour.

Bombirdier (left) and shiny Bombirdier (right)

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