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Pokemon Go’s first community day event 2023 features Kalos Grass starter, Chespin

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As soon as the Pokemon Go Community Day event has ended, Niantic hopes for the future. He will announce the annual celebration of the new year. The Chespin event will unlock the shiny form of the Grass-type starter Pokemon from the Kalos region and grant a featured Community Day move, Frenzy Plant, to add to its moveset when it gets to Chesnaught.

The community day event for January 2023 will happen on January 7, 2023, and will take place from 12:30 bis 5 o’clock in your local time zone. Two of the oldest Pokemon from the Kalos region, Fennekin and Froakie, have yet to receive their community Day or glowing shirts. This probably happens to be yours later this year.

In the moment when you transform Chespin to Frenzy Plant, Chesnaught will learn the chargely attack. The charged move is a good builder from the current moveset, but we don’t know if it’ll be much more impactful when the recent buffs sore out a handful of direct counters. While a Grass and Fighting Pokemon may be better, a Frenzy Plant may be the best option. In any case, I wanted to see how players use this Pokemon in the future.

The Community Day event comes with standard bonuses such as rewards for players with two times more Candy and XL Candy for catching Pokemon, cutting the egg distance by one, increasing the lure and injector for three hours, and giving another special trade. The three-star raid battle will also take place in honor of the Chespins team’s second form, Quilladin. While it’s destroyed, it will still have spawns of different types of chiffons in the area for a long time.

This is a standard event for Niantic to go with to start 2023, but the game is not popular here. However, Chespin is a decent choice. The Mythical Wishes season continues to offer tickets for nearly every event, discontenting fans worldwide. Hopefully, Niantic will be able to recognize these issues and help the community continue to move forward.


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