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Pokemon Japan: VSTAR Universe Preview: Dialga VSTAR Gold

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After revealing a few leaks, Pokemon TCG Japan released a high-class setVSTAR universe. The Star Wars universe, built in Japan and that sells Japanese products, is the basis for the first three years of the United States-Asset of the Golden Age. As in the prior special sets of the VMAX Climax and Star V, Vixer Universe is generally a reprint set with a large section of Rarest of chase cards. That has emerged after the first one, which we thought was something else, but now it can appear as an only new rarity. Pokemon TCG Japan has revealed new Art Rares and Special Art Rares, which riff on Character Rares and Special Art Rares. Art Rares are a full-art card with no texture that creates a unique and beautiful scene using Pokemon. They aren’t essentially Character Rares without Trainers present. Special Art Rares are the same concept as the V-Size mechanics. This set also includes Special Art Trainers and, for the first time ever, Gold, or even Gold Aged Art vSTARs. You’ll see the end of the game on Pokemon-V and VSTARs. 2023 will be the first phase of the Scarlet & Violet era which returns from the mechanic’s mechanic. Let’s take a look at a Gold alternative from the set today.

VSTAR Universe is the mastermind. Credit: Pokemon TCG

This is a new card from the corresponding collection of Gold Secret Rares created by AKIRA EGAWA who showcases the ancient legends of Sinnoh and Hisui. These cards are Arceus, Origin Forme Dialga, Origin Forme Palkia, and Giratina. This one is Origin Forme Dialga.

We have two fantastic Alternate Arts featuring this stunning species. One is theMitsuhiro Arita chase card fromSword and Shield astral Radiance.

Japanese sets often give us early ideas about what the English language sets may contain. Also, make sure you keep your eye on our coverage. You can also watch the VSTAR Universe cards and other Pokemon TCG updates here at Bleeding Cool.

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