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Pokemon players threaten to strike over hacking disqualifications at the World Championships

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After a successful day of unexpected disqualifications at the 2023 Pokemon World Championships, VGC players are frustrated by the circumstances. Some are even entertaining the idea of boycotting the next season of competitive play.

Worlds on Aug. 10, Brady Smith and other famous VGC competitors, defeated it for their spot on the second day of the tournament. Their Worlds journeys came short, but when they were told, they were disqualified for using hacked or genned Pokemon.

Those like Landorus and Urshifu that are also very important to the play. The most difficult Pokemon is to bring you several Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, and also in the form of a Pokemon HOME. Many players prefer to use the game to trade or use other players, and if they don’t have enough resources to make money, they don’t have a deal with the player and they’ll probably hacked the players.

It’s nearly impossible to tell if Pokemon are illegally modified because certain values that the official hack checks look for are completely hidden from the player or rely on for an insignificant internal value for a species. This issue has become widespread in the community with illegal mons being sold globally and even official tournament messaging showing that TPC strongly recommends not to use Pokemon provided to you by other people, as shared by pro player James Arnold on Twitter.

The TPCI literally announced that they were going to use better hack checks at Worlds and people simply chose to ignore them and register genned Pokemon anyway There is nothing unfair about being punished for not following the rules pic.twitter.com/vRUyI69EQl

James Arnold (@WamesGames) August 11, 2023, 2023

Competitive Pokemon fans have a growing belief that regardless of the casual and high level of playing, anyone who plays at a game of the same age should have an in-game game feature to allow players to develop quickly a battle-ready Pokemon for competitive competition.

This is best compared to the Pokemon YouTuber Patterrz who said that a change like that would make VGC more appealing, given that there would be less steps to compete at those higher levels in the past few years or more.

Smith and others have yet to say they might be going on strike to the upcoming 2024 season in an attempt to legalize the hacked Pokemon at major tournaments. For a strike like this, it is the purpose of forcing TPC to make quality-of-life changes in the game so that competitive players don’t leave, or at least rewrite legality and official text messages about hack checks.

What else may we have to make to strike this season? If number of competitions are declining, they will try to find a solution to increase player attendance. I want genning to become legal. We know Pokemon can’t do this with the primary genning method being an https://t.co.

Brady Smith VGC Corner (@vgccorner) August 11, 2023, 2023.

It won’t work if players don’t want to quit the game. One might be happy that against hacking is the right approach, but it is unlikely that it would be the next time if competitors agreed with the same a strike to force TPC into legalizing what is publicly mentioned in the VGC rulebook as illegally manipulated Pokemon.

This is not just a sexist situation, but an individual who thinks it’s the same problem that the government should try harder to dodge these checks because TPC hasn’t shown interest in major actions towards making VGC more accessible in recent years, so as to add more activities like rental teams.

The Pokemon World Championships continue this weekend, and will conclude on the 8th of Aug.

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