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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Afari-sane-bombs are now available

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As per the words of the Pokemon Company, a new one started a few hours ago when the raider has the main character, a Cinderace, which is so strong and special that it possesses the Lotta theratype. This event will be on January 2, 2023 from 7:00.

If you can’t participate in the event, have nothing more to fear: it’s going to be re-proposed a few weeks later, since 13 to 15 January 2023 will be more and more often.

The Cinderace in question will appear in Level 7 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teracristal raids with black crystals and will be rewarded with Absolute Strength. It’s therefore a fairly difficult opponent to fight. We advise you to do it as a multiplayer alternative, if possible.

Keep in mind that you’ll catch one specimen from this Cindarace, with Theratype Fight, for the save of files, and that restrictions also apply when the event returns in mid-january. On the other hand, you can still face him and help other players accumulate the rewards of level 7 raids.

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet: battle in a teracristal raid.

We remind you that to participate in the Teracristal Raid, you must connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet and play together with other players you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You have to obey the following conditions, too.

If you want to meet Pokemon in the Teracristal Raid, you need to download the latest Pokeportal News. Any game that you play with in this game can be downloaded by yourself.

You can also download the latest Pokegate news on your computer by opening the menu on the X button. To save the cash you are on your own. You don’t need a paid membership for Nintendo Switch Online to get the latest Pokegate news.

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