Pokemon Scarlet has a game-breaking glitch hidden in the Academy


Avoid it at all costs (pic: The Pokemon Company/YouTube)

If you don’t want to stick up there forever, you have to carefully investigate the Academy in Pokemon Scarlet.

There are many bugs and bugs in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but in the most recent time, they’re either funny, or even something like Koraidon and Miraidon turn into airplanes, or a better game for catching shinies.

Although Nintendo has addressed a large number of games’ performance issues, there are still a few glitches which have managed to slip through the cracks.

For example there is a spot in the Naranja Academy that lets Pokemon scarlet grow a permanent stuck, with no escape.

The problem is when you are too close to the alcove right by the trainer with the Misdreavus pokemon.

What should I do with this coin? If you see this stop talking to them and leave immediately, stop talking to them.

Once you’re near the alcove, there may become some Misdreavus blocking your way out.

In order to warn other aspiring trainers, a Pokemon Scarlet player posted a clip in which they are visiting this place, to better understand the problem.

PSA: you can get yourself stuck in an alcove in the Academy from PokemonScarletViolet.

The player, who is called Xhandora, explained that the game was autosaved by the time it took. Thus, even after the last and last exit, they would spawn themselves at the same spot.

Even though some problems like this could be avoided through a manual scan, there’s a possibility you could lose your progress, if you don’t manually save a game.

In this case, calling Koraidon a lift out of the spot wasn’t possible, as players aren’t allowed to ride it in the Academy.

A player who suggested if you are joining someone in the union circle teleport the stuck player to a random Poke Center, but Xhandora said that wasn’t in the work for them.

After the ill-prepared misdreavusto despawn, Xhandora had a chance to be freed by then the man was able to leave the village.

If you’re in a similar situation, try to load your game out of backup data, but this trick isn’t guaranteed to always work.

Wait for now before the Academys glitchy alcove, because there isn’t anything to see here, but few carboard boxes are lying around.

So far no one reported a problem in the same spot in Pokemon Violet, but it is probably wiser to break off that spot without the fear of being safe.

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