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Pokemon Scarlet Purple: New Pokemon, new zone What’s the first new DLC brings with new Pokemon

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New Pokemon Scarlet, New Pokemon, New zone What the first DLC brings out new Pokemon: new Pokemon.

Published on 09/08/2023 at 6:00.

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The turquoise mask is part of the DLC The spoiled treasure of Zero. As its release approaches, it looks important to compare this addition to the base game.

The buried Treasure of Zone Zero is the first expansion of Pokemon Scarlet/Purple. That is divided into two parts: the Turquoise Mask and the Indigo Disc. The first is expected to be exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 13. It is therefore soon available and has already been presented to some. The Pokemon Company has organized sessions on it with the Japanese press, so that the company might offer some assistance. The previews of the latter then give a good glimpse of the new features already planned.


History: like a local legend: What you say new area says new Pokemon! Photography and Mochi will be there.

History: the tale of a local legend.

Like Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs, The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero offers new areas. The player explores area of Septentria in order to explore for the Turquoise Mask during a school trip. The country is directly inspired by the countryside of Japan. In light of what has already been revealed by The Pokemon Company, and the announcements from the Japanese press, players can expect to experience local festivals, dress in kimono and travel through immense rice fields.

Ogerpon is not known yet.

This new region, Septentria, is opening its doors to new narrative elements. As suggested in the trailers and various pictures published by The Pokemon Company, the idea might orbit around Ogerpon: a Pokemon wearing a mask. On this subject, three other Pokemon are frequently mentioned: Favianos Felicanis and Fortusimia. They represent, respectively, pheasant, dog and monkey; and that, to the very point of the Japanese tale of Momotaro: a child born from a peach who fights evil with these three animals.

The characters are four. The eldest is known as a new rival of a protagonist. He isn’t so serious as Menzi. Bria is also a teacher in charge of the school. Described as passionate about the phenomenon of tracrystallization. There is no doubt that the three characters will be part of the Turquoise Mask, especially since they will certainly be part of the Indigo Disc (a second part of the DLC for those who haven’t followed)!

Roheille, Kassis et Bria.

Who says new zone says new Pokemon!

If a new animal were not, what would Pokemon DLC be? 230?

They have already mentioned four of them in this article. Ogerpon is the mysterious Pokemon that is surrounded by the part of the plot. Favianos, Felicanis and Fortusimia are introduced as heroic Pokemon who once protected Septentria. They have another kind of purple chain with common common sense, so they could have a serious poisoning effect on their target (Toxic Chain talent). In addition, only two of the different new features have been made official by The Pokemon Company: the Pokemon company and the Pokemon Company.

Poltchageist : No, Poltchageist isn’t a second and only evolutionary form of Belfry. He is a plant/Ghost type, loves cooking and a taste of cracked dishes. Aux Petits Cours allows the Poltchageist to heal his friends as soon as he comes to the farm. Pokémon : Pokemon like Pomdrapi and Dratatin are the Pokémon that are evolution. This is the same type of plant-dragon type as the dual type one. The syrup bomb has the new plant-type capability which makes the target lose its speed for three turns. Honeyed Nectar, his talent, is also new: it reduces the dodge of opposing Pokemon when it enters the field for the first time.

If recent leaks are to be believed, other Pokemon should roam the tall grass of Septentria, too. Some are completely new, while others include a regional form that is exclusive to Septentria (like Smogogo and Noadkoko, for example).

The Pokemon who return to the Indigo Mask is the list of Pokemon who return to the Pokemon.

-Capurra (Pokemon extroverted) -Corverera (Capurra) -Pool-Corra -Caubo-Corra -Operate-CarpentiOpenBetochef-Alma -RayandeCurra -Mamma -Oldbood-Sorva -PoopPool-Barp

Photography and Mochi will be there.

This trip, the other day organised as part of the Indigo Mask, promises new activities. Two. The first is called the Monster Hunt. On his mount, he has to get berries with the burst of big balloons. He is then assigned to bringing them to the tables corresponding to him. The player is rewarded with a new item called Mochis: a new type of item that allows you to use it to improve your Pokemon’s EVs or even reset them to zero. A mini game that can be played alone or with others (online multiplayer or local wireless).

The photography enthusiasts are also going to take the trip seriously. They’ll meet with Lythia, a traveling photographer. She’s looking for an area of a particular Pokemon that she would like to take. We then imagine that this search will be performed on the player, like that of Pepper, in search of his magic spice.

Pokemon Scarlet Purple: The Turquoise Mask also has a lot of new features. What quantity does that make good? The answer has been sent on September 13 as part of the tenth and second part of the buried Treasure expansion.

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