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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet NPC Calls out game frightened To Lackluster Loyalty Plaza – Loyalty incl

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This week’s first DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violets, The Teal Mask, launched for fans who have eagerly anticipated it since the first title of both titles were finished. However, as many fans have always known about the recent Pokemon game generations, its impossible to be here.

According to what fans feel, an in-game NPC has been recognized for their candor when calling out Game Freak to build a rather empty space where fans feel that there should be something a lot more exciting.

Fans agree To the NPCs Comment on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Masks Loyalty Plaza.

Loyalty is a location player visits in the Teal Mask dLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They can donate for a fundraising initiative to restore the location, but isn’t it a huge, empty lot. As shown in this recent video, the lack of respect for its aesthetic aesthetics and in-game lore, players and NPCs are still not satisfied with it.

Gamefreak could have made Loyalty Plaza into anything and they chose to make it a large empty lot. byu/NivTek inPokemonScarletViolet is a prank.

They even admit it in the dialogue. Cmon Game Freak, try harder. It looks like the developer knew how fans would react to the location before the DLC launched.

If that’s what it was, then surely it would have been better to make it more exciting. As a result of the traditional teal masks, the area has a resemblance to the rural Japanese region. This is a little different to the rural region of Japan. Hell, a whole place feels like rural Japan, but the comparatively little area of flat or able land and an absolutely low population are all of the same adolescentness of the location.

It isn’t only rural Japan, there are many large memorial sites, it’s a big city, but in Australia, the UK and a huge number of the country’s fans have pointed out that the same is true in America. Hell, it’s correct for rural America too. My hometown has a memorial park that sits on a acre of land, with a restroom, a drinking fountain and a picnic table. Loyalty Plaza is by comparison completely opulent.

The game Freak thought of a similar reaction, but at least some players realized it had its significance. As others noted, it doesn’t make for a very exciting DLC location for a game that they invested hundreds of hours in. accuracy doesn’t really make for interesting game design.

This really boils down to the choice between environment and world design, rather than packing in many areas or things in a lot of places as much as possible. To make the world believable, developers must give it history and make it look like they are living in. That’s difficult to accomplish when a grave is located in the area in question.

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