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Pokemon TCG drops Double-Sided Paradox Powers Ex Special Collection

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It’s a new and unique Pokemon TCG product that is going to be discontinued today. New Paradox Powers ex Special Collection is a dual-size box that features Miraidon on the front and Koraidon on the back. The cards feature is reprints from Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex, so there isn’t new Black Star Promos. In this box, a Cyclizar ex has also been injected with five booster packs. It’s available for $36,67. This is a relatively good price. You don’t expect it to be bought in big box stores or in local game stores. This new product only available on Amazon.

Paradox Powers ex Special Collection. Pokemon Pokémon TCG

In addition to these news, here is the collection of Pokemon TCG releases for the third quarter of 2023, which is set for next week.

  • Scarlet & Violet151 Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box (available only online): Includes 11 Scarlet & Violet151 booster packs, two copies of a rare-style Halloween gift card, featuring the Pokemon Center logo, and several gameplay accessories.
  • Scarlet & Violet151 booster packs, one Snorlax illustration rare-style promo card and various gameplay accessories.
  • Among the most successful cartoons from the 1940s, the original 151 books and the original inscriptions of each Pokemon are included.
  • The Scarlet & Violet151 Binder Collection (available September 22, 2023) includes four booster packs of Scarlet & Violet151 and a nine-pocket album that holds 360 Pokemon TCG cards.
  • Scarlet & Violet151 Booster Pack (available September 22, 2023): Includes six Scarlet & Violet151 booster packs.
  • Evolving Powers Premium Collection (available September 22-22, 2023): Includes seven boosters and seven reprints, like Magneton, Ralts, Kirlia, Magnezone V, Magnezone VSTAR, Magnezone ex, Gardevoir V, Gardevoir VMAX and Gardevoir ex. These reprints come from the Sword and the Shield/Scarlet & Violet, and are quite recognizable to some who missed pulling cards like the Gardevoir VMAX from a pack. – Buy a TBA.
  • Scarlet & Violet151 capsule collection (available October 6, 2023). Includes 16 Packs of boosters, one metal card featuring hyper rare Mew ex, one special illustration rare promo card featuring Mew ex, one special illustration rare promo card featuring Mewtwo, one stitched-edge playmat featuring Mew, a deck box, a coin with Mew and other gambling accessories.
  • Scarlet & Violet151 ex BoxAlakazam from (available October, 2023): Includes four booster packs, one double rare card featuring Alakazam Ex, and two foil promo cards featuring Kadabra and Abra.
  • 8 Scarlet/Bluetooth yazri yuzpa kouzbz yuzolnywaoznie naizdzstt hymopokijejemi królwociz, acz i zpowzytnych samoyy zakaply.
  • Scarlet & Violet151, a mini-retail collection (available October 6, 2023): Includes two booster packs, one coin sporting one of 10 different styles with energy in the Pokemon TCG, and a mini-tin card with the tin.
  • One of the Ex Battle Decks in October is the Kanto classic Kangaskhan. This Kangaskhan ex is unique to that ex Battle Deck and is made up of Blue Stars he was created in this SV. He’s going to buy a ticket for 99 dollars.
  • Greninja ex Battle Deck (available October 6, 2023): This popular Pokemon is in one of the ex Battle Decks of the year. This Greninja Ex is unique to this Ex Battle Deck as a Black Star Promo. It’s going to sell for 9.99 dollars.
  • This collection is available on October 20, 2023, and contains six booster packs, an etched foil Tera Charizard Ex SV Black Star Promo and two holographic cards with Charmander and Charmeleon, respectively. This will be limited for either these foil reprints or SV Black Star promos, a magnetic card protector, and 60 mm sleeves with Tera Charizard. It costs $39.99.
  • Roaring Moon ex Box (available November 17, 2023): This is a SV Black Star Promo, a jumbo version of Roaring Moon ex, a holographic card featuring Brute Bonnet, a Trainer and 4 booster packs. That comes in for $21.99.
  • This post is available on November 17, 2023. Iron Valiant ex packs are an SV Black Star Promo, a jumbo version of a Valiant ex, a holographic card with iron moth and a trainer and a booster pack. That’s the final order for 22,79 $.
  • Miraidon ex LFA) (available November 17, 2023, copyrights for Regieleki VMAX and Miraidon ex lead to the next LFA, 1727). There are no Black Star Promos, but three copies of Regileki V, two copies of Regileki VMAX, and two copies of Miraidon ex, as well as a ready-to-play deck of cards, six damage counter dice, one coin wing die, two coin condition markets, a box, a setset, a stand and a watchbox. It’ll be $49.99.
  • The Collector’s Chest Tin includes three foil cards, namely Meowscarada, Skeledirge and Quaquaval. These cards are likely to be reprint cards. They haven’t yet been revealed. The tin will contain a Pokemon coin, a mini portfolio, sticker sheets, and six booster packs. It is going to sell for 29,99 dollars.
  • Two other products, oxford, xmassing hygia, obama, et al. The price isn’t yet known. This may be an exclusive GameStop, but that isn’t yet announced.

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