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Pokemon TCG Japan: VSTAR Universe Preview: Elesa and Volo

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After a few revealing leaks, Pokemon TCG Japan released a world class setVSTAR Universe. VSTAR Universe available in Japan and some other stores who sell Japanese products is the basis for the early 2023 English-language special set who ended the Second World War: ‘Sword & Shield’. Like other special sets, VMAX Climax and Shiny Star V,VSTAR Universe is a reprint set with a large Secret Rare section of chase cards. There are these chase cards that we originally thought were Alternate Art VSTARs, but which we can now freely reveal as a new card rarity. Pokémon TCG Japan has revealed new Art Rares and Special Art Rares that riff upon Character Rares and Alternate (or Special) Arts. Art Rares are a full art art card that has no texture when painted in the form of unique cards. Practically, they’re rares without trainers present. Then special art rares take the same approach and add the V or VSTAR mechanic. This set also includes Special Art Trainers, and, for the first time ever, Gold Aged Art VSTARs. As expected this is the final set with the Pokemon V and VSTARs in 2023, the Scarlet & Violet will start a new look at the Pokemon ex mechanic. Here are the full art trainers that have benefited from the set today.

VSTAR Universe x 10 cards. Pokemon YES

VSTAR Universe is not just delivering Special Art Rare versions of Trainers, but also standard Full Arts. It’s not clear how much they’re divided. Unlike the standard full art trainer, the trainer shows a trainer only and only can be seen as facing frontwards in the majority of cases, but if the standard art is not used, he or she uses traditional art techniques and even many forms of multiple characters as a whole. Volo is illustrated bySouchirou Gunjima and Elesa’s Sparkle is illustrated by Mr. Mizutani, both of whom are known for their work in diverse formats. Recent Gunjima cards include Marnie’s Pride Full Art from Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars and Pikachu VMAX Character Super Rare from Sword & Shield Lost Origin. Recent Mizutani hits include Serena Full Art fromSword & Shield Silver Tempest and Sylveon V Character Super Rare fromSword & Shield Brilliant Stars.

A Japanese set often makes us very good ideas about what the English-language set is like, so keep an eye on our coverage. You can check out the video game here at Bleeding Cool as well as all the fun things Pokemon TCG.


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