Pokémon TCG Japan: VSTAR Universe Preview: Lunatone Art Rare


After a few revealing leaks, the high-quality setVSTAR universe is finally released. The VSTAR Universe, which can be purchased in Japan and offers Japanese products, is the basis for the first public release of the 1623 English-language service, which shut out the Crown Zenith era. Similar to previous special sets, VMAX Climax and Shiny Star V,VSTAR Universe is mostly a reprint with a large treasure section of chase cards. These chase cards are all I thought were the original art VSTARs, but now it is the new colour that we can reveal as a new card rarity. Pokemon TCG Japan has revealed new Rares and Special Art Rares, which riff on Character Rares and Alternate (or Special) Art. Rares are large art books with texture that paint gorgeous unique scene using Pokemon. There are essentially only four-legged traits without a trainer present. When Special Art Rares are introduced, they’re adding the V or VSTAR mechanic. This set includes Special Art Trainers and, for the first time ever, Gold Alternate Art VSTARs. In 2023, the Scarlet and Violet era will come to the playstation. We’ll examine one more rare art item from this set today.

The Universe of the VSTARs is a game changer. Playlists with Pokémon – TCGs.

We have displayed Solrock Art Rare before, where Illumise and Volbeat checked out Solrock. Now this Lunatone Art Rare completes the pair with the same concept, illustrated by sowsow, a personal favorite of mine who is known for his soft yet detailed style and the classic Pokemon feel. Sowsow arrived in the Pokemon TCG during the Earth & Sun & Moon Forbidden Light set, giving a classic churning card with a tear in his eye as the Pokemon looks to the sky. The slick image of the mum’s face is seen in the clouds. Through this kind of personal, emotional touch, sowsow is far from just his work. One of the bigger chase cards collectors will recognize sowsow’s art from is the bookish Espeon V Alternate Art fromSword & Shield Evolving Skies and the open-mouthed vortex of a card with Gengar VMAX Alternate Art fromSword & Shield Fusion Strike – both heavy hitters.

Japanese sets often show us early ideas of what English-language sets might include, so keep an eye on our coverage. Check out the current version of the VSTAR Universe, and enjoy the update on all Pokemon TCG at Bleeding Cool.


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