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Pokemon TCG Japan: VSTAR Universe Preview: Zamazenta V SAR

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After revealing a few leaks, Pokemon TCG Japan finally released its setVSTAR Universe. The space for the Japanese Special Series, which is available in Japan and offers Japanese products in Japan, is the basis for the early 2023 English-language special set to shut down the Sword & Shield era, the Crown Zenith. VMAX Climax andShiny Star V,VSTAR Universe is primarily a reprint set with a large Secret Rare section of chase cards. These chase cards are all of those that we thought were old-fashioned art VSTARs but then come to know as a new rarity. Pokemon TCG Japan revealed new Art Rares and Special Art Rares, which are used in characters and other special arts. Art Rares are complete Art. They can be made without texture, meaning they depict a beautiful, unique scene using Pokemon. They’re essentially Character Rares without Trainers present. There are special art rares which take the same idea and add the “V or VSTAR” mechanic. This set also includes Special Art Trainers and the Gold Alternate Art Stars for the first time ever. This will be the final set with VSTAR and Pokemon-V, as 2023 will see the new Scarlet & Violet era that returns to the Pokemon ex mechanic. Today we will see another special art rar from this set.

VSTAR Universe cards. A Credit: Pokemon TCG

This stunning Special Art Rare byHaru Akasaka uses a beautiful, light, red color palette to create the forest environment of this Legendary Pokemon. This is Akasaka’s first contribution to the Pokemon TACG, but fans of the Niantic’sPokemon GO may recognize his artwork from this year’s Five Year Anniversary celebration. As well as those in this collection, the group of artists was fun to see, from which we had the first show, as well as first-time artists, who were also returning legends, and who have played in the Pokemon world but still didn’t theTCG.

Japanese sets often give us early ideas of what languages mean, so be careful not to overlook our coverage. You can follow all the latest video games like the VSTAR Universe card and all the Pokémon TCG updates here at Bleeding Cool.


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