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Pokemon TCG Japan’s Raging Surf: Plusle & Minun Illustrations

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Japanese Pokemon TCG has begun teasing the next Scarlet & Violet-era set. This new set is a Tera Garchomp-themed expansion titled Raging Surf. It sold out on September 22nd and contains 62 cards, but not Secret Rare cards. This expansion will continue the addition of a new feature we saw in the new Japanese set in July, Ruler of the Black Flame, which saw the introduction of Tera Pokemon with a type different from its standard typing. Tera Pokemon that we know have a unique Tera typing machine will be Tera Garchomp Ex. It will be a Water-type, hence the title “Raging Surf” This set will partially make up Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift, which is the set for our English-languagePokemon TCG set for August 2023. That Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift will also combine with the cards from the Japanese ex Starter Set featuring Tera Mewtwo and Tera Skeledirge, but we can’t confirm it yet. Let’s look at two new, yet uncovered paintings from this set.

The cards were used as armor. The Pokemon TCG was the one of the greatest players.

I was very pleased to see that Plusle and Minun feature on this pair of connecting Illustration Rares. These two pairs of Pokemon have been featured many times in each other’s cards, and it makes sense that this time they will form a cute card. Artist OKACHEKE clearly shows them taking on their traits. Plusle is not a positive person, but also he smiles while Minun is crying. Before that, neither Plusle nor Minun had ever featured on a Secret Rare card before. Now, their second year is probably pretty good.

Japanese sets often give us early ideas of what the English-language sets might include, so be careful with our coverage. Watch the opening of Scarlet and violet cards. Besides, we have added updates on everything Pokemon TCG here at Bleeding Cool.

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