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Pokemon TCG Japan’s Raging Surf Previews: Gholdengo Exhibits

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Pokemon TCG Japan has started teasing the next Scarlet-& Violet set. This new set is a play play that focuses on the film “Had Survivor”. It hit shelves on September 22 and includes 62 cards, not including Secret Rare. This expansion will keep a new feature from the new Japanese set, Ruler of the Black Flame, we saw in July, with the introduction of the Moodles, which features a Moodle that can be found in different types of Pokemon from their usual typing standards. The Pokémon whose you know can’t catch a particular and unique type of Pokémon in this set will have a Tera typing – Tera Garchomp Ex. This is a water-type, hence the title Raging Surf. It has already been confirmed that this set will form the Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift, which will be our English-languagePokemon TCG for August 2023. It’s rumored that Scarlet and Violet Paradox Rift will also combine the cards from the upcoming Japanese ex Starter Sets featuring Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex, but I can’t confirm it yet. Today let’s look at what new cards this set gives us as the 1000th Pokemon is the newest addition of its collection.

Gosh and surf cards. Credit: Pokemon TCG

Gimmighoul and his evolution, the 1000th Pokemon Gholdengo, are for the first time in thePokemon TCG. We’re examining these Dex entries when we released “Raging Surf”. First, Gimmighoul, which is a form. First, the Chest Form:

This Pokemon was born in a treasure chest about 500 years ago. It sucks the life-force out of hidden treasures.

He lives inside a treasure shop. Sometimes it gets left in the shop, since no one realizes that it’s actually a Pokemon.

Now the imposing form:

This Pokemon had passion and absorbed a coin. It wanders, attempting to go back to the treasure area, once occupied.

It wanders around, carrying a vintage coin on his back. It survives by cutting the life-force from the people who try to steal their coins.


His body is made up of around 1.000 coins. This Pokemon gets along well with others and makes friends with everybody quick.

There is a sturdy sculpt made of stacked coins. Gholdengo overwhelms its enemies with coins pounced by a rapid succession of coins.

Japan sets often suggest that there are early ideas for English and also be sure to keep track of its coverage. You can listen to pre-orders of Scarlet and Violet cards, and updates on all Pokemon TCG here at Bleeding Cool.

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