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Polylithic’s newly relaunched trailer with its Commentary

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You can watch the trailer below and watch the devs talking about the game with a sigh of humor and some detail, and explaining the game. Try on, since we wait for the game to be released, which is currently earmarked for Q4 2023.

Credit: Polyperfect

“Polylithic is a third-person survival game set in the Paleolithic/Neolithic era with a lumber of sci-fi plot and beautiful high-poly graphics. Get new to your tribe. Start slowly by collecting resources, crafting items, unlocking technology, discovering the world, and building foundations to eventually grow a tribe and conquer the settlement.”

  • Gather, craft and hunt Your goal is to collect the basic resources you need to survive. The big prize allows you to see different resources and advance the tech tree. From the rabbit to the mammoths inhabiting the prehistoric wilderness, every animal is in a different situation to overcome.
  • Grow and manage your tribe There’s strength in numbers. Grow your tribe, take care of its needs, and keep the tribe members happy. That can eventually become a tribe’s elder and eventually become a tribe’s elder, managing the people and giving them tasks.
  • Explore the wild wonders Of all kinds of resources exist in forest, snow-covered hills and rivers. The remnants of former tribes have been rediscovered and are inspired to build your own monuments to their memory.
  • Embark on the journey through two different times of age. The journey will be based on two ancient times, each with its own core character and taste. The Hunters and the Gatherers are a small group who is trying to survive. With the help of the computer, you can become even more productive.
  • Find the true origin of your tribe. It seems that anything in this prehistoric wilderness is pretty much it is. It’s interesting to find secrets and stories to share, starting with an expert to discover what caused the illness that plagues your nation and ending with an ancient tribe.
  • Explore your beautiful, low-poly world and behold it for the best in the world. The Polylithic universe is a dwarf of anything you’ve seen before and is waiting for you to explore its richness and discover all your secrets.

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