Popular Mid-Laner Scout joins the LNG-Following-Esports site


Previously known as the “Grow of the Earth” for the EDward Gaming community, Lee Scout Ye-chan left his team to join LNG Esports. The Korean player rumored to want to relocate back to his home country but later decided on to stay in China and join the jungler Jon Tarzan Seung-yongs team, LNG.

Scouts Incredible Career!

The college degree with the Scouts came back in 2015. He was first slammed by SK Telecom T1. The lack of SKT did the Scouts first chance to compete in LCK challenge and he was impressed. As a youngster, he had important roles in pushing Lee Faker Sang-hyeok out of the starting roster. He wanted to get started with the mid-stuff and quit the SKT at the end of the LCK 2016 Spring Split.

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The next stop of the Scouts was a big step for his career, as he joined EDward Gaming and became a solitary citizen for the first time in his career.

Scout spent seven years under the EDG roof. During this time, he won three regional trophies, as well as the World 2021 tournament. He has often become considered one of the best players on the planet. He got outclassed many times by Zeka in Worlds 2022. After seven years with the European Development Organization, he left the ship to sail new seas. The organization announced today that Scout is playing for LNG Esports in the upcoming season.

She accomplished everything she had with Edward Gaming.

EDward Gaming acquired the Korean mid-laner back in 2016 and trusted him until this year. Edward, the EDG owner, also talked about the controversy about Scouts in his stream.

After winning Worlds, we tried to continue the roster for at least another year, so we increased the salary of most people. Scout signed a new contract while he was still working with us. I was waiting for him to play for both of the teams, which was difficult. So we discussed the problem with the league to resolve. He was in the end very high this year, approximately twice as much as last year. Just like this: money isn’t money, just play with us till retirement. All parties agreed and we were happy. But this year, that’s what happened again. Scouts wanted to return to Korea this year, says the owner, according to the LPLfanclub account on Twitter.

Though he didn’t find a new home in Korea and returned to the team, he still wanted to work elsewhere.

Out of three consecutive wins and one successive worlds trophy, Scout won Rift Rivals twice, Demacia Cup twice, and MVP twice, and made it to the All-Pro 1st Team twice. Finally, he was awarded the Split MVP two times while playing for EDward Gaming. The esports scene is more successful in the league than it is in the esports arena.

Scouts are going to continue their careers with Tarzan next year. LNG Esports is a favorite of the LPL 2023 season, but their performance on the rift will be in fact determined.

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