Post Office results: Avatar Dominates New Year’s Weekend


Without doubt, James CameronsAvatar: The Way of Water continued his reign in the world, on the New Year’s Holiday.

The sequel surpassed the expectations on Sunday, where the first of its kind was $24 million on Sunday, the third-best New Years Day haul ever broke down the Force Awakens (34,3 million) and the originalAvatar (25,2 million) perDeadline. The cost of a single year on the 10-day weekend is $66,66 and $86,3 on the 4-day holiday, making the cost of the domestic expenditure $454,4 million.

The total of $461,9 million was made on internationally, which means that the pic is worth more than one billion billion dollars worldwide, and less than one hundred million is left behind by the coveted title,the Maverickas, a global winner by 2022, and its only two weeks.

With the avatar increasing by 4% and earning $28,6 million, it’s bringing its 19-day total to $152,2 million, with its place behindAvatar, The Force Awakening and Avengers a venger; and the pay to the huge format.

As a result, people are diggingAvatar. It’s simple to assume that this pic is going to fly before all is taken out. Does $200,000 exist on the table? If there’s an enormous drop in upcoming weeks, it’s no clearer if that is reached. Just remember there is zero market competition for the next month and a half.

It increased the number of days by 38%, while 4.83 million ($6.5 million 4-day) earned its $439,6 million domestic haul.

A full report in boxes shows the top 10 domestic countries.

4) ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ (Vis/20th) 3,202 theaters, Fri $ 24,4M (+27%), Sat $18,5M Sun 2,1M Mon 1,2M (+2-2),4Sat $23,3M (*2Sat $34,5M (*21Sat: $ 5,3M) (3-day) 1,3M) (7-day) ($6,3M/Wk – ebo (s), 3-day’s Strange World (Dis) 1,240 (-150), Fri 201 k$ (239 %) Sat 117 k$ ($Mor) 180 k$ (209 k$ 3-day $538 k$ (30%), 4-day $747 k$ Total 37,2M $/Wk 6*.


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