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Postoffice results: The Nun 2 timps its way into the Toe

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On a surprisingly busy September weekend, moviegoers flocked to The Nun 2 and put the latest Conjuring chapter in the top of the national box office with a huge $32,6 million haul. That opening lands on the front of the James Wan horror movie, below Annabelle: Creation (335 dollars), but Above The Curse of La Llorona (226 dollars), The Conjuring: The Devil Made You Go 224), and Annabelle returns 220 dollars.

The horror film deprived a total of 85 million dollars. The Nautus 1 receives a C+, like its predecessor, which saw 333 million dollars worldwide after their initial first olympic victory.

The comedy The Gritty. 3 (who wrote the book from 3,650 screens) collected $10M from the series. That is below the 17 million dollars earned by My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2016 and more than what was already made in the original year. However, the film became a worldwide phenomenon, so it made up $375 million. The sequel only sold for nine2 million dollars. Weird how this franchise fell into trouble.

The Equalizer 3, a fourth seed, dipped 65 percent for an entire year-round fee of $12.1M; the total comes from a total of $1.6M. All three-six rounds came after the 100M mark and can reach the 180M reached by their predecessors.

Summer champs Barbie and Oppenheimer continue to do big business. The former has now topped 1,4B at the global box office, and Christopher Nolans surpassed 900M.

Domestic box office results:

1.) The Nun 2 (NL) 3 728,586 theaters, Fri 13,1M a.m. Sat 11,8M a.m. Sun 7,7M a.m. til smid 3th day 326,6M a.m.

2.) Equalizer 3 (Sony) 3965 theaters Fri 3,4M Sat 5,2M Sun 3,4M 3-day 12,1M (65%), Total: 61.9M/Wk 2 -$1,2M-$1,3M-$3,5M-$1,2.

3.) My Big Fat Greek wedding three (Uni) 3 650 theaters Fri 3,7M Sat 3,7M Sun $2,56M 3-day 10M/Wk 1 -$7 – **.

4.) Jawan (Yash Raj) 813 theaters, Fri 1,7M Sat 2,4M Sun 2,3M 3-day 6,1M $, Total 7,5M $/wk 1,3M $/wk, Fri 1,7M Sat 2,4M $/h.

5.) Barbie (WB) 3 281 (301) theaters, Fri 1,4M Sat 2,5M Sun 1,9M 3-day 5,9M (342%) Total 620,4M/Wk 8:80.

6:13 AM. Blue Beetle 2,786 (-36) theaters, Fri $850K Sat 1,7M Sun $11,1M 3-day $3,77M (-47%), Total $63,7M/Wk 4

7.) Gran Turismo (Sony) 2 765 theaters, Fri 900K Sat / 1,5M Sun 945K 3-day $3.37M (61%), total $35.7M/Total Wk 3M-Tue, Mond 2 – 11 yrs, 3,676 yrs.

8. Oppenheimer (USA) 2 091 (-4452) theaters Fri (800 K Sat); 1,36 K Sat (80 K) 3-day; 337K (348%)/Total 315,1 Km/Wk 8

9.) Teenage Mutanta Ninja Turtles (2.500-455) theaters Fri 570 millions Sat 1,3 million Sun 620 million 3-day 2,6 million dollars (44%) Total 11,3 million/Wk 6?

10.) In the box below (MGM), on top of 1.565 (+550), on the top of the table / 663, 731K, Sat 8.11K, Sun, 66,09K 3-day / $2,05M (33%) Total $7,6M/Wk 3/-.

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