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Power picks: These 4 rising Dota 2 carries will be taking over after Patch 7.34

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The queen of Gorgon is dead, rejoice. As soon as a moment, I found out, that dota 2 carries will pass the likes of Medusa and Naga Siren – and some surprising picks come from the rubble.

Now that the dust has begun, players are slowly adjusting to the new era of Dota 2. The multiple supports have already claimed their role as the best games, but if there is a carries, what are they doing? Who’s the most famous damage dealer nowadays?

Four such heroes have broken through as in pro play and even in ranked, and while Patch 7.34b tried to distract some people, however, they remained in favor of the changes allowing them to stay top of the battle now. With the International coming up fast, these four might just play a major role in Dota for a little longer.

First, is Riki, the most notorious hero for new players. If invisibility through his Cloak and Dagger ultimate wasn’t enough, the hero used a huge buff to the base Agility and stat gain per level, making in-game gains more important when proccing the Backstab passive.

The Rikis win rate ran out of control almost immediately following Patch 7.34, on Aug. 8. He fell at an amazing 57.73 percent as the hero, according to Dotabuff’s statistics, and a drop of nearly 6 pounds was a week later corrected by the 7.34b adjustment patch that impacted his attack speed and nerfed his talent.

Yet he does not agree with these changes and remains the key of being a carry pick. As long as we’re not beating us for 9 percent and well over parity, the Stealth Assassin won’t soon go away. You can easily catch a little bit of dust to catch him.

He has never really left, but now he’s more dangerous than ever. Image via Valve.

7.34 saw a major boost for Natures Prophet, but when Riki was still relevant before the patch, no NP was at all absent. The hero has experienced a 42 percent defeat rate pre-7.34 and was in the bottom of every tier list for ages after a rework of his teleportation and his 7.33 changes to his Treants.

The Patch of Aug. 8 saw the ability of the NPs to pass a damage-over-time element while landing on enemies, and since the weapon was already restricted to destroying the trees, it has quickly become a crucial part of the heros kit. Throw on steady buffs throughout the 7.33 cycle, including a base attack range boost and the flat damage buff provided after using Teleportation, and suddenly the rat of Dota was back to his best.

He won a win over the night. It’d only remain strong, in a week, and then capping out at 53,33 percenta full 10 points higher. He can play the role for the selection of the midlane to the worthy adversary in the offlane by moving from a highly successful candidate’s development. Clearly he has the ability to stay up to date.

Wraith King (or Skeleton King for Dota veterans) only saw few modifications, and introduced 7.34s, but added a key piece of equipment in order to expand his spawned skeletons. They were first in possession of just one armor and were quickly to kill and aimed towards those who would actually achieve desired.

The days have gone by. The skeletons regained their armor to 3 with 7,34, and now cause another 25 percent of the damage to the heroes. Thanks to the boost of Vampiric Spirit, which improves the life of every unit around Wraith King and increases the stun duration from Wraithfire Blast, the skeletons now can hit enemy heroes more frequently and dish out extra damage.

7.34bs Strength reduction did not discourage players from picking up Ostarion, who is enjoying a 53,9 percent win rate and a move into the most-picked top 20 since now. While he has virtually always been uncontested all the regional qualifiers, he would likely see him on the big stageespecially with nouns in the u.s. on Aug. 21.

Then, we focus to Night Stalker. Because the nerfs and the obf heroes are very common, match times are tending towards less pointous goals. Pros and fans have gotten up to the facts, with NS posting a remarkable 77 percent win rate in nine games in TI qualifiers based on Spectral.

The Night Stalker received the addition of a DoT to his Crippling Fear, while his Dark Ascension reprimands all non-ultimate abilities and annoys, hence a quick boost for Void and silence and now via Crippling Fear.

The N.S. peaks a little earlier than Spectre and Terrorblade. However, as match times continue to fall, the importance of a higher midgame heroes is growing fast, and the Night Stalkers buffs in 7.34 means he is as relevant as ever.

Only time will tell whether Valve stands with their 7.34 and 7.34b changes ahead of the International in October, but if these changes remain the meta during the Seattle international tournament, all the four carries would appear.

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