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Pre-Ordinary Tournament and White Bone Spirit Showdowns are the primary reasons For Honor unveiling Theater of bones Halloween event

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Year 7 honours year 3 went from mysterious to culpable. The Ghost Festival offerings, named Deceit from the beginning of November on September 14, were exposed as a deadly attack. The infamous white Bone Spirit claims the souls of warrior men, and they become into her musical ballet. But fear not, the monkey King Wukong has nothing to do; he’s trying on evil but to free those trapped soul.

The showdown with the white Bone Spirit.

Don’t you think that to mark your calendar. From October 26 to November 16 players can dive into the new, narrative-focused PvE mode. What style? This is a theatre inspired by the Chinese opera. The game includes two different theatrical scenes, each with a unique set design and is expanded on in specialized lighting effects. The grand finale is against the White Bone Spirit itself.

Unlock Monkeys, Wukong & Score Free Event Pass.

Besides, players can get a free Event Pass which unlocks new ornament and fighting outfit to activate the theme effect. No additional fee, but you may add the bling to your warriors.

But not all is right. With this phase of Year 7 season 3, I am in a new armor design and showing the Hero Fests. These special weeks let players test drive a Hero for free. If they dig it, you can buy it at an discounted rate! Aramau and Shaolin will have a Hero Fest. A new execution move will begin at the beginning of each Hero Fest and get thisZhanhus Hero Fest recognizes a return to Zharita’, where it will be available from 23-30 November.

Game Availability info.

For those who haven’t yet jumped in, Play Honor is available on the PS5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series (X|S), Xbox One and PC. You can get it through Steam, the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. If you want to subscribe from Ubisoft+, it’s included in the package.

Keep on reading Ubisoft News for more points regarding For Honor. I have the opportunity to start preparing for what is in order.

For Honor Unveils Spooktacular Deceit Season Starting September 14th, 2019.

Games: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 5, Xbox 7 and Xbox 5 X|S.

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