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Prehistoric Creatures – Tornado’s Monsternado Trailer Preview

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A slew of monster’ll take part in the latest Monsternado trailer, which will be going to preview the next Uncorkd Entertainment movie.

That trailer, as its name suggests. It focuses on the wild and chaotic tornado that begins to landfall until it becomes full of current or prehistoric monsters in front! The film was directed by Tyler James from a script written and stars Miller, May Kelly. Danielle Scott has been staring at Michael Sagaili’s, Jases Riveret Nadey, Lila Lasko…

Check out the trailer below (review other clips, or movies).

What’s Monsternado about?

A tornado, with prehistoric monsters infested by earthquake-hit nations formed the Bermuda Triangle and is climbing towards land. The original synopsis of this film has been translated into the official copybook. Superlodon, Pterostactyles or Giant Octorese and Crocodile are not attacks against those dangerous creatures in the city’S population.

Monsternado is expected to be released on digital stores and DVD in the spring of 2023.

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