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Professor shito surprise students with an innovative course that inspired the ‘Genshin impact’ project

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The days which gaming was purely related to kids were long gone. Regardless of age or occupation you’re a regular, you could be a gamer. That is what a professor is who says “Genshin Impact is a highly effective player.” He’s not only a player, but also a student. Therefore, he gave his students an assignment in order to understand the impact of Gnshin.

A professor likes Genshin Impact.

They are coming from a Reddit user called kevinkassimo who posted a screenshot of his homework. This is one of the most unusual homework I’ve ever seen and the only one I would do for my heart. The homework requires students to build a program to make specific genshin impact characters like Ganyu, Raiden Shogun and Hu Tao work together.


For those wondering, the user confirms his university name; Michigan State University while the professor is learning Computer Science. Reddit has a big commitment and a lot of upvotees. Many users also appreciated the gesture of the teacher giving engaging homework.

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Why is Genshin Impact so popular?

This is a well-known RPG title, as it’s Genshin Impact. The game ticks all the boxes such as good graphics and storyline. Nevertheless, the game is not successful. That game is available on all major platforms, including mobile. As for the mobile version, the developer made sure that the mobile version of the game doesn’t have any compromises. Those days, make sure you remain hydrated for more mobile and console gaming updates.


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