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Progressive web apps (PWA) can be posted to the Microsoft Store for free for a limited time

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Last week, Microsoft announced that it worked with Open Web Docs to update the documentation on how to develop progressive web apps on the MDN site. Most of those documents had not been updated for several years.

Today, Microsoft announced another partnership that will allow some PWA developers to publish their apps on the Microsoft Store for free. The company is working with the PWABuilder team, which has created tools that make it easier for developers to turn a web app into a PWA.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that from now until September 15, some developers who have apps that meet certain requirements will be able to get a token that will enable them to post their PWA on the Microsoft Store for free. Normally, the Microsoft Store account registration fee is around $19.

Microsoft stated the apps must meet the following requirements:

  • Own a PWA that is installable, contains all required manifest fields, and implements at least two desktop enhancements
  • Live in a country or region where the Windows program in Partner Center is offered. See here for the full list of countries
  • Have a valid Microsoft Account to use to sign up for the Microsoft Store on Windows developer account
  • Not have an existing Microsoft Store on Windows individual developer/publisher account
  • Use the Store Token to create a Microsoft Store on Windows developer account within 30 calendar days of Microsoft sending you the token, using the same Microsoft Account you used to sign in here
  • Plan to publish an app in the store this calendar year (prior to 12/31/2023 midnight Pacific Standard Time)

Microsoft clearly wants developers to embrace publishing their apps on the Microsoft Store. The blog points out a number of benefits for turning websites into PWAs including the ability to add those apps to the Windows Start Menu and taskbar, letting them run in their own window, and more. Last month, Microsoft announced that PWAs could be added to the Edge web browser sidebar.

Developers can go to the PWABuilder site to get started with the Microsoft Store publishing process.

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