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Project: Ferocious An Upcoming Action Adventure Game Based on Dinosaurs is Looking Impriming

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The games industry thrives on taking players to phenomenal worlds and historical realms, and the abstract nature of the experience means that we get to see things, places and concepts that we might not see in real life, or which of course includes dinosaurs amongst others. Several generations ago, the games featuring these original creatures were pretty popular, and so much popularity in recent years has certainly declined, but developer have still used that to try to create interesting games with these creatures.

As a result of a series of games developed by the Indie-based AA and recently started to spawn some new players. We recently found Compound Fracture, so we are focusing on Project Ferocious which seems to be taking all the right note when it comes to action games featuring these fierce predators. So finally it’s the time to ask, what project is actually Project Ferocious?

Project Ferocious is an action-adventure game currently in development at a small studio called OMYOG, where it is the studio’s debut title. The studio is definitely very small and its mechanics are amazing.

Project Ferocious is an isolated island with lots of scary stuff, such as monsters, dinosaurs and others. We assume the role of an unnamed mercenary who was tasked with resolving a distress call from someone outside the wild. That’s how the real world is: there’s no civilization at the point of the signal, and we’re in a magical place, right?

The first questions that come to mind when thinking about this narrative premise seem to be well-known. The story will be used to answering these and building a coherent narrative around everything. Sure, its not something that we haven’t seen in games of this ilk, but OMYOG should definitely try to do something that manages to retain the players interest for the vast majority of the entire story.

And the majority of the players wouldn’t jump in this game for the story, right? So that OMYOG acknowledges that, too. In action games like Project Ferocious, games are the king, and developers seem to have brought their A-games to the area with regard to the moment-to-moment stuff that looks fantastic. You are a highly skilled mercenary capable of overcoming all odds in a wide variety of opposition, and that’s what you’ll spend most of your time in the tropical place of death and despair.

The combat system itself is a mechanically sound system, and everything from proper bullet recoil to enemy feedback, to punchy sound effects make it feel real and lifelike. The aliens and the animals will collapse with weight behind those movements, and bullets and gunshots remain visible, but many of them are destroying and explosives cling to their enemies and crazed for cover at the health bar. The player is meant to be aggressive in their tactics, and fast movement and recharging health bars allow you to focus on that particular style of play.

The enemies are nimble and need to solve the difficultest problems and to take risks. Project Ferocious features lots of enemy types ranging from enemies with the help of army and the help of sharks and other sea turtles, and they also differ quite a bit in appearance and function from other weapons. Some other weapons are geared up towards a shotgun, but can one’t be a wary warrior who is chasing your enemies around the battlefield, such as swords that can fly into battle with hordes of enemies on range with their ranged artillery?

Exploration seems to be a core component of Project Ferocious design pillars, and developer have already confirmed that you will have access to divers equipment to clamber, dive and explore the smallest areas of the island and its surrounding areas. We’ll be in a sandbox style experience where exploration free opens up new tactics for attacks and ambushes. At best, we hope the hexophobia will turn out to be true. And of course, it may be a platformer-styled implementation where you get new gear as you progress through the story, or that will allow you to explore other areas, and uncover new secrets and loot that make you stronger.

Yes, it sounds very promising, so we can’t wait to land grab the game when we are finally able to play the game. You can also access the motorboats that allow you to travel in a relatively short time. In spite of the combat system we discussed earlier, OMYOG paid very much attention to exploration and hopefully, it will be able to shine through in the final release.

Coming over to the presentation side, Project Ferocious looks very amazing. The biggest surprise is really the intense atmosphere that the developer has built with its choice of dark colors and cloudy skybox. Of course, great art direction would not be so relying on a technology that works like this. But thankfully, Project Ferocious does its best in that regard, and we see high-resolution textures on soil, volumetric fog, destructible environments and high-quality depth of field, both of which make the presentation pristine and realistic. It’s a visual feast for eyes and surprisingly it is being achieved on the Unity Engine, which is probably the best choice for developers with smaller budgets and more labor intensive.

Finally, there’s the question of sifting release date and, though unimaginable, Project Ferocious remains a different way from its release. It seems to be slowly developing around date of release. OMYOG has been working on the game for years, and the community is kept updated regularly with the updates they publish on social media. If we were to guess Project Ferocious would be out before 2024, but the game was surely possible, so should keep up with expectations.


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