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Project Leonardo is Sonys Accessibility-Friendly PlayStation 5 controller

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The project Leonardo was unveiled at the CES yesterday. It is Sony’s own ambition to make gaming more accessible.

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller has been available for four years, but the Xbox controller hasn’t been introduced in the past but now it’s available. Project Leonardo is Sonys answer to this widely-praised device and it is necessary to get PlayStation 5 gaming to the highest level.

According to Sony, its..a new highly-designed controller kit works out of the box to help many players with disabilities play more easily, more comfortably and for longer periods of time. By changing button caps, etc., there is a choice between multiple buttons.

In addition, two Leonardo controllers can be used together, and the controllers can also be coupled with dual sense controllers. You may also plug up to four controllers such as a mouth controlled joystick. So, like the controller of Microsoft, it can also make input for multiple access devices.

While the two devices differ, there appear to be quite a few differences. Project Leonardo supports only four external control devices, compared to the Adaptive Controllers 19+. But Sony are trying to make that more easily available and more adaptable. As like So Morimoto, the designer of the Sony film Sony: “Relatively the worst”

Our team tested more than a dozen design ideas with accessibility experts. These types of approaches could be used to address key challenges regarding controller use. The player can create Project Leonardo according to their specific needs. There is no proper form factor. We want to allow them to create their own rooms.

In other words, the word’s usage doesn’t allow a “go” word, so, in theory, there might be less of a need for devices beyond the boundaries. Sadly, its not a competition, given that Leonardo can make games more accessible for even the only person that is justified to be present.

Sony hasn’t announced a price point or launch window yet, but promised that they’d reveal more. In the meantime, you can read more about the controller in the PlayStation Blog.

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