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Project Rub im Klassik-Test (DS) (PDI)

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Game:Project RubPublisher:SegaDeveloper:SEGAGenre:SkillTested for:DSAvailable for:DSUSK:Released in:4 / 2005.

Sega is sending her on the promise: The target isn’t an innocent deer, but a wicked sniper, just a very lovely female, you are not in the right position. Your story has a purpose: to draw attention to the beauty of nearly thirty beautifully-presented mini-games.

The palette varies from simple blowing out candles and spraying in bold, yet abstract expressions of love to daring adventure tours over urban canyons. You get the protagonist into a stomach by waving a stylus or by blowing your DS microphone, which means your boat’s moves get momentum. To keep this out, a funny animated jukebox is easy to unlock (eg with Sega GBA titles.

Epinion & not necessarily the weight of the pound.

Project Rub completing his role as a launch tidbit, adding flying colours, allowing the player to learn the new controls in a few minutes. The many uses of this stylus are very useful and give me hope for more titles. When all these minigames are played without directional pad, the only thing that is used is the draw pen and the built-in microphone. Although all of the tests are done after a few hours, all disciplines invite you to try again for the high score thanks to the Memories mode, that may be selected at any time by any means. The noisy design and the constant resuscitation of the game are mystifying touch.

Experienced fun is cleverly used to utilize the DS.

single player77 MultiplayerChartSound.


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