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Project Z: Beyond Order Trailer shows a Zombie-Filled Alternative Second World War for Co-Op FPS

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For example, the movie project Z: Beyond Order was released.

The trailer shows several world war II environments, including gun customization and high-resolution undead Nazis.

Project Z: The trailer is covered in teeth.

The trailer was first introduced to horror this year. After a military crash landing onto a mysterious, naz-controlled island, a high-stakes battle for survival starts and will require violent, disgraced battles against the undead.

Project Z: Beyond Order follows a diversified team of soldiers, each with their own unique skills, as they brave a mission to unravel the secrets of an absurd nazi experiment on a remote, lush island. Explore covert schemes related to Project Z, the plan developed by the Nazis to transform zombies into weapons to suit a war.

At launch, the game will allow players to build and customize their Hideout, craft and upgrade weapons, recruit allies, select missions according to their character’s story and solve sporadic puzzles, and find hidden loot. And yes, there’s much more to smash Nazi zombies. So its a bit Zombie Army 4, CoD Zombies and Wolfenstein in one more.

Projekt Z will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. If you want to learn more about the game, the official website is ready for you.

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