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PSA: Don’t miss out on collecting Profiles with 50 xP in Steam Replay 2022!

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Many games enthusiasts have known that Steam Replay 2022 has just arrived and has become a hot topic for a lot of people.

Compared to Spotify, YouTube Music and A03 recently, Steam released the replay feature, which lets players track their gaming progress on the platform during 2022.

This feature shows you statistics about what kind of player you played most, the number of sessions you released the game, and the difference between PC and Steam.

Players can share their replay stats easily with their friends or hide them if they like. In addition, you can create images that share many social media platforms.

Steam Replay 2022 Profile Badge of 2022.

While everyone’s busy exploring the new Steam Replay, the opportunity to collect the profile badge with 50 XP is simple by watching the Steam Replay page.

Steam Replay is now live! Look at your Steam game statistics of the year. Source

This is the first time that Steam did this. Looks like an awful year in reviews! Source

It’s unlikely that a badge is actually available in the first place, because it isn’t highlighted particularly. However, it’s easy and quick way to boost your profile by earning an extra XP.

Accordingly, the 50 XP will be credited to your account by visiting the page. Is it easy, right? The only thing I need is scroll down to the Steam Replay page, see it just right, and voila!

Go on and see the source.

By scrolling through the page to receive the badge, the player will be aware of what he says as it’s been in the 2022 game, and would be able to check the quality of the game.


It seems that things are not as rosy as they appear. Some reported issues with Steam Replay 2022, particularly when you load the profile.

There were some people complaining they were getting an error when they load the page where they were unable to view images in spite of certain settings.

Hello, is there any mistake over the pictures? My images never go out of the way, so it’s not irrelevant to my choice of language or platform. Source

Even fortunately, the developers have quick-fixed the problem.

Each year, as well as the XP, collecting badges is an excellent way to show off games with regards to achievements and experience. Should we see the Steam Replay page, we would prefer to try to try it.

Stay tuned as we will keep track of the developments.

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