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Quantum Error for Xbox S is in a non-profit state, the authors are trying to achieve at least thirty FPS

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As much as the developer says, optimizing the Xbox Series requires effort. TeamKill Media is one of the teams which actively criticizes the Xbox console’s hardware. The studio is in the midst of the project Quantum Error, due out on Playstation 5 in November, but the Xbox X version | S has no release date yet.

TeamKill Media noted that the Xbox X and the Xbox X have a slower SSD compared to the Playstation 5. This will make it possible that they can add loading screens to Microsoft console. In an interview with GamingBolt, the developers of Quantum Error noted that the Xbox Series S is a low-powered console, so should we think through the development of a game first.

Micah Jones, the owner of the teamKill Media studio, said the Xbox Series S version of Quantum Error is currently in an unacceptable state. You should certainly not expect 1440p at 60 FPS from it:

I think you’ll need to build your game specificly to run on the S so you can get the performance advertised for that hardware. 1440p 60 FPS). If we can optimize the Quantum Error Port for the Series S and make it graphically acceptable compared to our current tests, it will surely be 30fps. Yes, we all played incredibly wonderful games at 30- frames per second. Even if the graphics look washed out and obscure, it detracts from our experience.

It is incredibly important to me that my art style is always on the opposite side and it’s the closest part of our time. I want to expand this technology as much as possible. And if I were able to create a game with lush landscapes, reflective water and bright happy skies, we wouldn’t be able to find a solution, but what happens when you take metal, glass, metal, metal, more and more metal and use global illumination in the dark on space? Reflective light is very important to us. The moment you see it, you can’t return to old light.

We won’t make games with the least technical features that are considered unrealistic. At this time, the minimum of specs for our PC will not be lower than the PS5 in the shortest time possible.

When will Quantum Error be released on Xbox X | S unknown. We can see the original story in the trailer below.

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