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Quantum Error is getting a trailer for a movie with a release date next week and maybe a state of play presentation

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Quantum Error is going to be unveiled next week with a new story trailer – apparently directly from PlayStation – that suggests a new game, as well as a state of play presentation, showing the game how it’s happened on similar occasions.

The answer to the big question for us is that Quantum Error will be shown next week with a new trailer, August 16 2023. To clarify, the day the release date is revealed, too. TeamKill Media, the studio responsible for this exciting survival horror game, announced that it will be available on the PlayStation social media.

It might certainly be reasonable to suggest an event hosted by Sony. But it often happens that the company posts games from indie or third party studios on its social networks, with which they may have temporary agreements or something similar in their own right, but in this case, the company offers to visit the Sony YouTube channel to view Quantum Error story trailer and release date.

At the moment this is speculation. But the fact is that on August 16, 2023 at two1:00 Moscow time, we’ll see a new movie and a new release date for Quantum Error on the Sony YouTube channel.

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