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Quora’s Poe AI platform jumps on the chat threads bandwagon

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The Poe AI platform has jumped on the chat threads bandwagon so that your chats are split up. Prior to the update today, you just had one long chat history where you only had the option to clear the previous context, now you can have your different conversations completely separate.

One of the main benefits of separating new chats is that chat sessions can be deleted individually. If you wanted to delete content before, you could go through message by message or delete all chat history on your account; now if you want to ask anything private you can do so in a new chat and then delete it afterwards.

According to Poe’s social media, the new threading feature, as it is called, works across all platforms including iOS, Android, Web, and MacOS. Neowin was able to view the updated UI on both the Android and Web versions; interestingly, the Android app didn’t even need to be updated to receive the changes.

For those unfamiliar with Poe, it’s an AI platform made by the questions and answers website Quora. Poe brings together most of the different generative AI models including ChatGPT versions, Bard, versions of Anthropic’s Claude, Meta’s Llama, and more.

In addition to plenty of AI models to choose from, users can quickly create custom bots by supplying a smaller selection of LLMs with a prompt. If you wanted a therapist, for example, you could tell it through the prompt that it’s a therapist and then it’ll act in that persona.

If you’re not very creative and cannot think of a prompt for a custom bot, there are countless custom bots available in a public library. With the threads update, Poe has also received a refreshed landing page which puts these custom bots front and center.

While the update today is good, some users may find the change a bit of a surprise to the system at least initially because it is quite dramatic and takes a little while to work out where features have been moved to, but it shouldn’t take too long.

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