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Rapper and actor Ice T claims that he recently created a song for Gears of War’s new generation

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In recent interviews, rapper Ice T, known as a main character in the TV series Law & Order, revealed his band Bodycount recorded a new song for Gears of War and he hopes fans will like it. It seemed obvious a new part of the game awaits us, but it is already a definite and, perhaps, inevitable hint.

There may not be any announcements this year, but the Time is coming, let’s bring a new gear. We don’t know if this is a game that can be adapted into usual format, or maybe a sequel or a whole new experience. But we know that Gears 5 left an open ending that needs to be completed, but there aren’t any clues about the future.

Even when the announcement of the series and movie Gears of War will begin on Netflix, it is a perfect time for the franchise to shake off all the negative projections and make a major impact on the audience and fans alike.

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