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Razer Huntsman V3 Pro keyboards for the first time with advanced and adjustable optical switches

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Razer has just announced a new line of high-end wired gaming keyboards, the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro family. All keyboards feature the company’s new Razer Analog Optical Switch Gen-2 technology, which it claims offers ultra-quick responses for PC gaming.

Razer press release Noting this about the new optical switches on these keyboards:

Its fully adjustable actuation ranging from 0.1 – 4.0mm now allows gamers to fully customize the desired actuation points for each key and set shallower actuation points for faster keystrokes, fine-tuning it to their unique gaming needs. Every switch on every keyboard is carefully factory calibrated for precision Maximum, while being immune to magnetic interference The switches are tuned for 40g of actuation force, preferred by pro gamers, enabling fast actions in intense FPS gaming scenarios.

Razer also says these keyboard switches support what it calls Quick Trigger mode. This should reset the key just as it travels up. Reiser says:

A fast trigger is essential for FPS gaming as it allows gamers to get faster movements and more accurate shots. Its sensitivity can be changed even further, down to ultra-fine steps of 0.1 mm.

Even the keys on these keyboards get special treatment. Razer says they’re made from Textured Doubleshot PBT material, which allows them to last much longer than regular keycaps.

Razer huntsman-v3-pro

Razer Huntsman V2 Pro keyboard with all the features Available for pre-order now on Amazon for $249.99. You can also pre-order the smaller one Huntsman V3 Pro TKL keyboard model for $219.99. Both have features like a digital dial and separate control buttons along with a magnetic armrest.

Razer huntsman-v3-pro

You can also pre-order the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro Mini, which has a 60 percent smaller footprint, for $179.99. All three keyboards should start shipping in mid-October.

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