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Sonys 2023 plans probably don’t include Hogs of War (pic: Sony) (a: Sony)

The reader makes 10 suggestions for Sony in 2023, including an end to cross-gen games and a new first-person shooter that rivals Call Of Duty.

I enjoyed this year with new releases and catching up on some of my backlogs. I started with an idea of what to do with the PlayStation for 2023. So here’s what I’ll hope you’ll want.

1. Sony finally resorted to first party multi-gen gamesPlayStation 5 has been out for a while and is relatively easily available now. I hope to buy the only current games that exist under the gen, so I can begin to look at what the PlayStation 5 is really capable of.

There’s evidence that it’s happening with Forspoken (although the word sadly doesn’t seem very promising) and Spider-Man 2. Let’s hope this’s becoming the norm.

2. An end to the Call of Duty row between Microsoft and SonySony was offered a 10 year deal. I think Sony should have accepted this, personally. They could then focus on developing their own exclusive First person shooter title to rival it.

3. Sony exclusive arcade racerI like the game Gran Turismo, but where PlayStation is lacking is their own arcade racer. I like MotorStorm and it would be great to see the new title in the series.

4. PlayStation 3 reintroduction This was a virtual social game. Would be interesting to see how updated versions work on current gen.

5. Clicking Point-n-click gamesReturn Of Monkey Island was one of my favorite games from this year. Don’t know how it was sales wise but maybe it was enough to launch more similar games. I was in Amiga when I was at Amiga. I enjoyed the likes of Colonels Bequest, Cruise For A Corpse and Lure Of The Tenth Street. Would like to see these remastered versions of mine.

6. It’s one of my favourite games. A newer version of online mode would be excellent. All three iconic piano-tops for Rik Mayall should be kept.

7. The Home Screen also included your own backgrounds on the PlayStation 4. It would be good if this was added in Xbox 5 at some point.

8. ITVX app isn’t sure why it is so important. Is this not really a licensing issue? There isn’t any ITV app on PlayStation 5. There are all the terrestrial ones that are here, which is not really weird.

9. We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the final season of the ampire bomber. The PlayStation 2 game was for the show that I liked. Now would be great time to see a remastered version.

10. NewsfeedOn the PlayStation 4, there was a new newsfeed list so you could easily understand the progress of the past few times in the tidal period. I was in a position to see where to start. I think this is missing in PlayStation 5. It’s pleasing to see her added.

Here you go, my 2023 wish list. Hopefully a little GC magic can make some of these happen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the GC staff and readers.

Tony -1975, reader ID: SSN-95.

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