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Red Dead Redemption Guide No Shirts, But How to get that out of your bag!

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Red Dead Redemption 1 features a hundred outfits that they can acquire in many ways. This guide introduces each of the many available outfits and helps you get them.

Bandito Outfit

The Cowboy Outfit has a Mexican twist with some unique boots. Gather six items and capture a Live Bandito bounty. Taking the Bandito Outfit makes Banditos pleasant, except for the Fort Mercer.

Bollard Twins Outfit.

Rather, with a red bandana and a chap, the Cowboy outfit matches the old, Bollard and other group costumes. Found by searching the bodies of the enemies in the mission Justice in Pikes Basin. Makes the Bollard Twins gang unhospitable unless you leave your party and then initiate a violent crime.

Bureau Uniform

This stylish suit suits the eyes with black pants and a tie for the waistband, and a bowler hat, depending on the look of a FBI agent. After the game reached 100 o’clock, the unlocked achievement was achieved. This prevents you from participating in a robbery, but makes you immune to law enforcement in the United States and Mexico. Without prejudice to the status of this outfit, the people will still sue if they’re fired.

Cowboy Outfit

This classic is usually the traditional outfit you start to play with. A dark cowboy hat, adorned with black gloves and jeans, a beige shirt with denim waistcoat, and dark swans. It has no perks.

Deadly Assassin

On top of the whole black outfit, one eye-patch fits well. One can unlock a piece of the American Appetites side mission. Revitalises Dead-Eye at the same rate.

Duster Coat

This is a new look to the traditional Cowboy Outfit, which comes with a brown leather duster coat. When the Peacemaker jumped into the honor level, he became unlocked. It doesn’t offer any perks.

Elegant Suit

Practically the Cowboy Outfit, but with a waistcoat, blazer and tie. Play a game of poker or enter a tailor shop in Thieves Landing, then buy it for $200. This outfit lets a cheat to get into poker, by hiding the cards into its sleeves every time you deal with cards.

Expert Hunter

A look made of animal pelts, including a badger, a gold-colored vest and a leather shirt. Five scraps and the final part of the Daedalus and Son project is necessary. Doubles the hunt. You can find the right skins, hides, vittles and hearts.

Gentlemens Attire

The coat is just a white. To unlock New Friends, Old Problems is required. The outfit’s official website gives players the chance to win $100 high-stakes Poker at the Blackwater Hotel.

Jacks Cowboy Outfits.

The Cowboy Outfit is just a Jacks variant. The ‘Have for the Last Enemy To Be Destroyed’ requires. No perks are available.

West Legends have a myth in common.

A Cowboy Outfit with a black waistcoat and black duster. Requires completion of all four ambient challengesSharpshooter, Survivalist, Master Hunter and Treasure Hunter). Time is a single-hour.

Mexican Poncho

Another modification from the base Cowboy Outfit, this throws an old poncho on the ensemble instead. Unlocked by buying a safe house in Mexico. There are no rewards.

Rancher Outfit

John Marstons version of the Cowboy Outfit, in gray shirt and waistcoat. Leather ranchers and leather boots. Make the mission The Outlaws return for completion. You can’t earn any perks.

Reyes Rebels Outfitters.

It’s just like Mexican Poncho, but it’s a different design compared to a headband and not a hat. Complete the mission of the task An Appointed Time and six scraps. When in Mexico, the illegal trader complies with the law.

Buy a Savvy Merchant Outfit.

Another Cowboy Outfit variant with a flat cap and a different coat. The Prohibitionist needs five pieces for completion of the second mission. Halves the cost of all Gunsmith store items and this perk effect stacks with peacemaker high honor discount. No effects on prices.

Tissue Hunter Outfit: Treasure Hunter.

A new outfit, with a pink shirt and tan pants that are tucked into socks, to avoid the usual cowboy boots and to find some kind of other ones. Collect six scraps with $250 to unlock. Wearing that will keep a treasure hunter safe from attacking you first.

Waltons men’s outfit is a joke.

This swaps the hat and shirt from the Cowboy Outfit, and puts the pant legs in the boots. The Waltons Gang Outfit is limited to the GOTY edition. Wearing it raises the peace with members of the Waltons gang from the moment you have actually provoked retaliation.

US Army Uniform

There is a near complete US Army uniform, except sleeve rank insignia. Requires six pieces and completes the mission The Last Enemy That’ll Be Destroyed. Other than that, there is no magic effect in-game.

A uniform uniform arrangement with US Marshals

It’s similar to the Cowboy Outfit, but a black waistcoat, with different clothes and boots. Clear out all five American gang hideouts in 24 hour, but only after the mission The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed is finished. Effortly makes a Marshal wearing it, giving her practice of protection against sheriffs, deputies, posses and other Marshals, unless witnessed in criminal acts.

And that’s all the outfits they can buy at Red Dead Redemption 1.

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