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Red Dead Redemption Remastered The 3 most downloaded PS4 Games in the EU and the USA in August, the top 3 have been uploaded by Red Dead

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Red Dead Redemption has been out over a decade, but that re-release was just recently made available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Red Dead Redemption has become the best-selling game on PS4, and looks like it has overtaken many popular titles in the past month. According to the PlayStation product, it is one of the most downloaded PS4 games in several regions.

The PlayStation blog announced a list of the most downloaded games of August, and the ten-year-old Rockstar Games game is proud of its spot in many regions.

Red Dead Redemption took a second place last month in terms of downloads. I don’t think of it as the worst of all in Europe. In the United States and Canada, it dropped to number three, while Minecraft kept its lead over that region.

The game was scheduled for the 17th of August. This means that, compared to most games the list has had for more than half of August. That is thus what can be considered impressive.

The most downloaded games of August will be on PS4 in the USA and Canada:

Spoiler alert

Minecraft NFL 25th in Madden. Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption 2 EA Sports UFC 4:00. Theft Auto V. Injustice 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Gang Beasts FIFA 23 Twisted Metal: Black. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre smashed the area of the Texas Seagate. Morda-Vote : 11-kitit. Baseball the Show 23:00. The solution is to get me out of control. the Horse: Call of the Wild. The Marvel Spider-Man: The Year Edition. Duty: Modern War II: Modern War II. The Star Wars Battlefront II is the second war. Hogwarts Legacy

One of Europe’s most downloaded games is August.

Spoiler alert

Minecraft Red Dead Redemption. FIFA 23 Big Thing Auto V! Red Dead Redemption 2. AFC 4-D Sports EA. Way out. Gang Beasts Tekken 7 The Horse of the Wild Assassins Creed Origins are a crime. The Forest Gran Turismo Sport is a sport for youth. Hogwarts Legacy Goat Simulator House Flipper Outlast Unravel Two Assassins Creed Valhalla died. Monopoly Plus

The initial announcement wasn’t quite accepted. The trailer shown by Rockstar Games prompted huge criticism among fans who were disappointed with the lack of significant updates in the game.

The publisher told us in the past that remasters are not worth the money. But, the latest release demonstrates an update to Take-Two’s approach. Thus, even more ports and remasters may appear in Take-Twos catalog of classic games.

Apart from the recent re-release, Take-Two seems to have a few other IP plans in mind. In an interview, Zelnick declared Red Dead Redemption had enough appeal to last a long amount of years, perhaps suggesting a third game after GTA 6.

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