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Refind Self: Personality Test Game, now available on iOS, Android and Steam

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Over the weekend, Playism has a lot of console and PC games announcements, including some very interesting physical releases planned for Japan. A game announcement was made regarding mobile. Lizardry, author of indie, and playplay, and Playism announced the release of Refind Self: the Personality Test Game for November in iOS, Android, and Steam. Refind Self: The Personality Test game is a new adventure game that’ll be playing at Tokyo Game Show 2023. You’re a control of androids, who’s in front of the grave of the doctor who created you. The personal test gives you the opportunity to play a lot of important adversity with the doctor a while you unravel mysteries and learn about your own personality. Like with the game’s predecessor, the aesthetic is beautiful. Watch the announcement trailer for the game Refind Self: The Personality Test from the Playism Game Show 2023 below.

According to the official website, tests will be stored in an online database with a single ID, but they can’t be personally identifiable. This aim is to share results and to compare personalities to others. A definite release date is not available yet, but Refind Self: The Personality Test is the final game of November. It’s about $7.99 on Steam and $4.99 on iOS and Android as of now. This pricing is feety and can fluctuate tyrantly. Check out this official blog about Personality and the Refind Self Tests. You can wishlist the Game Refind Self-Evaluating the Personality Test here. Do you consider Playism Games Show 2023, if you watched it and I was thinking about it if you would try that adventure game in November.

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