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Refunds for people who bought Redfall’s Bite Back Edition or an upgrade are now being sent

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In May, Microsoft closed a number of its home studios that it previously acquired from the purchase of ZeniMax Studios. Among the studios that were closed was Arcane Austin, which released the vampire shooter red fall in 2023 for moderate reviews and sales.

Before the game’s release last year, Microsoft sold the $99.99 Redfall Bite Back Edition, which promised post-launch content like two additional heroes. You were too Redfall Bite Pack An upgrade for people who bought the main game and later decided to get the hero pack. With the closure of Arcane Austin, it was revealed that Microsoft would be refunding people who purchased the Bite Back Editions.

this week, Windows Central It is reported that several people who bought the Redfall Bite Back Edition are now accepting returns. The refund amount the company is sending comes to $26.99, and Microsoft is automatically sending that money to people who purchased these editions on both the Xbox platform and PC through Steam.

The report says at least one person was able to get a refund for the Redfall Bite Back Physical edition sold out. They contacted Bethesda Customer Support site and submitted a ticket.

If you’re in this situation and still haven’t gotten your money back, you might want to wait a bit before asking as these refunds seem to be sent out in waves.

While the content of the Redfall Bite Back edition will not be released, Arkane Austin did release a final patch for the main game at the end of May. It includes, among other things, a way to play the game completely offline, which means that people who have purchased it will be able to continue playing even after its online servers are shut down. So far these servers are still running.

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