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Reigns: Three Kingdoms releases new trailer and launch date

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Reigns: Three Kingdomsthe fifth entry in Devolver Digital’s mobile strategy series, has just released the new “What the Facts” trailer, which takes a look at its core gameplay. Reigns: Three Kingdoms will be released this week on November 29, 2022. It will be available on iOS and Android, as an exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

the Queen The series is probably best known for its third installment, which featured a game of Thrones The issue shortly before the final season frustrated longtime fans of the show. Queen it has a novelty premise, but it works like a mobile game.

The highlight of today’s trailer is certainly the addition of “combat”, which arguably should have been central from the start. It adds replay value and some semblance of action, reframing the context of the game.

The theme is definitely promising, as the Three Kingdoms have been the basis for countless video games. It is rich in culture and history, and has been explored in places like warrior dynastyor even upcoming titles like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, as seen in its first trailer. There are opportunities for some very familiar names and battles, even if it’s not based on a popular IP.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms It will continue to be published by Devolver Digital, which has established itself as a gem of an independent studio. More recently, they announced Pepper mill by 2023. But they are often known for their sharp sense of humor, like in their next game Stick it to the stickmaneither worship of the lamb.

This mood didn’t really fit his new Queen game, so it’s strange to see a play on words in the title of today’s trailer. But either way, the gameplay looks promising with a “5 hour” campaign and new mini-games. The series was in dire need of more content, especially if it will be limited to Netflix subscribers.

You can read more about QueenDevolver Digital and other upcoming indies by following our news section.

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