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Release date to Season 3 update

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Upright finished its second season nine months ago, on 22 November 2022. Since then, fans have been curious about a third season of Upright and its release date.

Here are all the Upright Season 3 release date information we have known about so far and all the details on when it comes out.

Is there a full season 3 release date?

Upright’s third season doesn’t have any release date, as Sky Atlantic hasn’t renewed it yet.

Moreover, fans shouldn’t expect to see Upright Season 3 until late 2025. The late 2025 speculated release is due to three years gap between the first and second seasons of Upright, which leads to the possibility that season 3 also could follow the three-year gap pattern and release in November or December 2025, three years after the last season of Upright season 2 last aired in November 2022.

This date is the estimate based on our information at the time of the event.

A few of the obscenes cast members are Tim Munchin (Robin Hood) as Lachlan Lucky Flynn, Milly Alcock (Huse of the Dragon), Meg Adams, Heather Mitchell (The Great Gatsby) as Jen Flynn, Ella Scott Lynch (Pimped) as Toby Flynn, and Hayley McElhinney (The Babadook) as Linda, Asmara Feik as Billie Flynn and Nicholas Brown (A Perfect Pair

Where’s Upright Season 3 coming out?

The release date of Upright Season 3 is unknown for Sky Atlantic in the UK or Fox Showcase in Australia.

The official resume of Upright reads: “Snapshot.”

When lucky Flynn gets to know his mother’s death, he is taking a trip to Australia on the other side. He does not take a hold of an upright piano, as the smallest of the parents learns to survive. But plans turned up when he meets the notorious teenage kid Meg, who is dealing with a family demon.


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