Remind yourself that these 9 games will be removed from Game Pass today


With the game pass subscription losing several projects till the end of the month. By average, about 15 games are removed from Game Pass in 2022, but in December, this figure’s slightly higher. In the middle of the month, 11 games were removed from Game Pass, and now, at the end of the month, 9 other games are being removed.

As per the warning, there will be no more than the last nine games left in the Game Pass on January 1st 2023.

Iron Harvest, PC, Immortal Realms Vampire Wars (Xbox, PC),Tropico 6 (Xbox, PC)SCARLET NEXUS (Xbox, PC)Secret Neighbor (Xbox, PC)Outer Wilds (Xbox, PC),Gorogoa (Xbox, PC)The Pedestrian (Xbox, PC)Embr (Xbox, PC)Indexter (Xbox, PC)Led/Born/

If you want to play these games or play it, then that is the only chance.


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