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Report: A Build of a new, unfinished Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded Leaked Online, Showcases Screens and Footage: A Reloaded Leaked Nukem

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In recent leaks, a build of the unfinished 3-D game in a Nukem universe that was recently retrieved was found online. The leak is in the list, as well as its source code.

It made its way onto Twitter. In this thread, the screenshots and gameplay footage were taken in a thread.

Gameplay footage of the University of Nebraska 3D: Reloaded (r1514) showing off weapons and inventory in “Duke-TestMap”. pic.twitter.com/EaNyj8rR4t.

Ash (@juanlurve) December 31, 2022.

Duke Nukem creators may be familiar with the 3D series, or they may not familiar with it. It was a fan game that originally meant to make Duke Nukem 3D more realistic. The project was eventually lost and we didn’t truly know how far the game was in development until now.

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The first-time game of its kind has been the atomic and 3D of the Duke Nukem. In the game footage, you can see a fleshed-out level that’s actually possible to walk through, with some buildings seemingly ready to land.

We’ve seen a new game of Duke Nukem in a while now. The most recent one being the Duke Nukem Forever in 2011. While dubbed the “Convergence” is not yet finished, fans will at least experience what could be through the leaked build.

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