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Report: Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Building Leaked

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Horizon Forbidden West has finished strong this 2023 as one of the most popular consoles of the year, but there’s still one surprise to be seen in the machine-hunting RPG. A version of the gamma was leaked on PSXHAX.

The leaked build, whose title had become Mysterious, found its way to the website from nowhere. The build was apparently sent out to people who were tasked to test the game during the COVID pandemic. Because countries always restricted the acquaintance of one another, it was not surprising that game studios should try this kind of testing.

What is interesting about Alpha build leaks is that these versions often have content either reworked before the release version or simply scrapped. What happened with the recent Halo 3 leak, which showed a leaning feature that didn’t make the final cut in 2007, was the exact same as the leak. The evolution of the Horizon Forbidden Wests, albeit without Halo 3, has leaked less than a year after the games release. It is a case of a problem that happened once in the earliest stages of the games, so it would also cause more remote testing.

The first major project in the Horizon franchise is the first for Alpha build leak. The Burning Shores DLC’s upcoming release on April 19 and many more games are being planned, including an online co-op game. There is also an upcoming VR game called “Calendar”. Over the next few years, it’s interesting to see whether players can find a few notable scrapped items in the Alpha Building of Forbidden West.

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