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Report: The Cybersecurity Dive Outlook in 2023

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A few things are certain in cyber security: Ransomware attacks will happen; Specialist positions will remain vacant; and CVEs will remain unpatched.

The industry can expect more of the same in 2023, but market uncertainty could also reshape the supplier landscape. As Digital Shadows CISO Rick Holland puts it, “Yesterday’s cool new vendor could be tomorrow’s fire sale.”

This upheaval in the market could pose problems for companies purchasing security services, which require more due diligence than ever before. Remember, corporate budget tightening also hurts security, making CISO jobs that much more difficult.

It’s not all bad news. There is far more attention to cyber security than ever before, which has improved cross-sector information sharing and sparked regulatory attention. Although compliance may prove cumbersome, it may help raise basic cybersecurity standards and strengthen defenses.

Take a look at what Cybersecurity Dive expects from the sector in 2023.

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