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Respawn has announced Titanfall 3 as soon as they announce

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This spring, the Titanfall franchise opened its doors to ten, and Respawn Entertainment made a pleasant surprise for its users on the day of its 10th anniversary. Titanfall II was released in 2016, but the game has suffered with a variety of issues over the years.

Besides cheating, Titanfall 2 has been plagued with server and matchmaking issues, which have prevented many fans from enjoying the game over the past few years. There is still a change today, however, that was introduced through Respawn Entertainment, fixing major issues, and adding new content for the first time in several years. The latest update is a huge update and includes new features fans have been waiting for. Respawn Entertainment introduced new moves called The Titan War.

Respawn Entertainment quietly posted a teaser for a new game. The developers add Nessie, a plush mascot from Apex Legends, to the list of locations that were just recently fixed. To complement that, the following season of Avax Legends ended with a teaser that reads: “Pause the word “States”.

Transmission to the door Subject: Nessie 1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.

The number sequence used by the update indicates that the UNIX timetamp for Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends are used. All that in all, fans thought Respawn was preparing Titanfall three.

While Titanfall 3 was in development for about a year before being canceled in favor of Apex Legends, the latest updates could be the start of something bigger for the first-person shooter.

Vince Zampella has expressed his desire to return to the franchise already, but no official confirmation has yet been made. There are some who want to buy Titanfall 2. This game is on Steam today, it is already on sale at a 90% discount.

Thanks to the discount thousands returned to this amazing shooter, and breathed new life into Titanfall 2.

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