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Riot is changing LoL Arenas last update to add more buffs

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The League of Legends version 13.16 was implemented on Aug. 16 with a few changes to the arena balance so players could enjoy the remaining modes. But in an effort, Riot Games isn’t finished with that patch, and it’s now able to send champions and other items a couple of changes.

On Aug 18 an online app captured what was happening on the live servers of Zekes Convergence, Diana, Gragra and Galio.

Hey, Hope you enjoy 13.16 so far! A micropatch in the arena just went live with a nerf Zeke’s Convergence, causing damage damage to the wing. The update of that patch wasn’t so clear.

Madness Heroo (18 August 2023)

The changes to this update include:

  • Zekes Convergence:
    • The damage was reduced from 50-100 (in a degree) (+2,5 percent HP) (+15 percent AP) to 30-70 (in a level) (+1,5 percent HP) (+10 percent AP)
  • Diana:
    • Passive AP ratio increased from 50 to 75 percent.
    • The W base shield increased from 45-105 to 60-160.
    • Resistance damage decreased from 200-400 to 300-600.
  • Galio:
    • Several accumulated Q base damage from 7-210 to 100-280.
    • W Ability Haste increased from zero to 30.
    • A weight gain metric of W passive shields increased by six per cent from 10 per cent.
    • The w passive shield off a combat timer decreased from 12 to 5 seconds.
    • The length of the R stun increased from 0.75 seconds to 1,5 seconds.
  • Gragas:
    • The passive cooldown remained deteriorating from 12 to four seconds.
    • Maximum health damage fell from 7 to 12 percent on average.

The game was last released by the player on July 20. Although they don’t seem to have the perfect kit for dueling, chasing down enemies and showing off their mechanic ability, their damage output was very low.

This small-molecule will definitely make up that. This changes should really push the field, so they’ll become more viable in Arena.

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