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RoboDunk throws the jumbo over PC and Nintendo Switch: Get ready to Mecha A-Ball Madness!

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Ladies and gents, slumber up! RoboDunk, the galaxy’s only arcade basketball roguelite, just crashed into the PC and Nintendo Switch courts. Developed by Jollypunch Games, this title introduces the traditional basketball game a futuristic twist – complemented by mecha-players and the space-bound court.

A SPACE DUNKS and Earth-Shattering Weapons: The New Basketball Rules.

If you thought that b-ball was all about layups and free throws, think again. RoboDunk introduces a weapon called SPACE DRUCKS, robo-opponents, and a weapons system that can ruin a Gundam even if he or she uses the gunwows. The game has a number of offensive and defensive moves, from satisfying tackles to laser-shooting action. You can also choose to study robot competition any time you want.

Anime (coop/multiplayer), play/taught/filter.

Think about what to say about it. RoboDunk lets users play online with all modes and drop-in/drop-out games. In a short one-on-one fashion, there is something for everybody at that cosmic court.

Power-Ups and Skill Trees: Elevate Your game.

Winning is not just for bragging rights. Each victory in RoboDunk gives you power-up points so that you can evenly distribute across a behemoth skill tree. Did you want to teleport across the court or add a two-jump to your arsenal? Snag the stat boosts and unique skills to increase the ante in gameplay, and not the teleporters and the punks, like the ones who don’t want to teleport for a slam dunk?

Endless Mode and Playable Campaigns: Take the game with the winner.

RoboDunk isn’t just a few hundred per cent experience. The title features a replayable campaign and an endless mode, which gives random teammates and unpredictable challenges. Think again if you’ve mastered mecha-basketball. Survive a long time, and you could become the next high-score legend.

Why of RoboDunk: Filling the gap for NBA fans?

Gabriele Libera – founder of Jollypunch Games – created RoboDunk as a love letter to players like NBA and sports games. The game was designed to keep players hooked with unlimited unlocks, random campaigns and deep lore that ponders if DUNK is true to life’s meaning.

Disponibility and platforming: Platforms, and availability.

Those ready to hit the court, RoboDunk is now live on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. What are you looking for then? It’s time to take a break in the tense-paint.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch.

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