Roughly every year, 94 percent of games were sold online


The years of the disc seem to be approaching. We see a lot of games being sold by the digital market. According to surveys, the proportion rose to 94,2 percent this year. We can reveal the types of sales you prefer to find in our survey.

Video games were sold in stores for a decade ago, but quickly remained popular for the music industry, until then, however the proportion of disc games have remained steadily declining.

This trend continued throughout the year, too. According to Gamesindustry, 72 percent of all the games sold globally over the past 12 months were digital, and only 28 percent were physical games.

For PCs, digital sales are significantly larger. This is hardly surprising given the power of Steam and Co. If that means 98 percent of all games on this platform this year, it will be attributed to digital sales.

And in 2022, 94,2 percent of all sales in games were digitally. 5,8 percent of sales are attributed to the discs or packaged games.

Not all publishers give figures.

Nevertheless, there are several publishers, including Nintendo, who don’t publish digital sales, so there can be shifts in real numbers. A more thorough analysis would also be interesting, which differentiates games involving AAA at full price from the smaller projects that are independent, often by a few euros, and never appear on discs.

But all the information seems to be together with Sony’s recent figures. Last but not least, the many sales in the PlayStation Store should be helpful, including the January offers launched today.

The Gamesindustry survey also reveals sales figures: global sales this year totaled 172,8 billion dollars, a down four percent compared to last year. According to the publication, worldwide sales of physical games fell 10,0 percent to 10,7 billion dollars.

More surveys for the end of the year are in the graphs on gamesindustry that were read in the summary.

How is your video game worth buying? Are you full or do you still use the disc every now and then? And what do you think speaks for one or the other option?

How do you want to play?

Exclusively digital, 25%, 15 votes, among other things.

Five votes.

Five and seven voteers.

By disc 224%, 14 votes, only disc vs disc 245%.

14 votes 24 %.

14 votes 24 % of the vote.

Priority on Disc 20%, 12 votes.

12 votes, 20%.

12 votes 20 percent of all votes.

Most digital one7%, 10 votes, etc.

10 votes 17%

YES 10 – 17 % all the votes.

An estimated 44% of all records have the same effect on both Disc and Digital.

8 votes 14,4%.

8 votes overwhelmingly and 14 % of all votes.

Total votes: 59.

21. December 2022

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