RP: docking station for flash sale allows you to connect a number of peripherals in the same time!


News good deal video gamer promo: this docking station at flash sale allows you to connect a maximum of peripherals with your computer at the same time.

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How difficult it is to connect all your peripherals to your gaming PC? In this case, the QGeeM docking station is a very good solution. It’ll allow you to install up to three screens with single connection, but also keyboard, mouse etc. The plug-in is currently on flash sale at Amazon and thus benefits from a 5% reduction.

The QGeeM PC docking station is on sale at Amazon on flash.

Docks are a cab that can connect all of the peripherals directly. It’s ideal for a multi-monitor set for your desktop or your laptop, whether working or playing with your computer.

On a high-performance QGeeM you are also benefiting from a total of 11 ports, too, which can connect all your screens, your mouse, keyboard, and the hard drives, you’re also able to play.

The docking station (QGeeM) usually sells at 99.99 euros. That is a 15 % discount.

Buy the QGeeM docking station at 76.49 am from Amazon.

Make your PC setup easier with the QGeeM docking station.

The QGeeM docking station is compatible both with Windows XP, 7 or higher versions and MAC (Mac OS X 8.1 or higher). You can use them on tablets, blackbooks, etc.

Likewise, the converter is compatible with all USB 3 or USB 3.0-C computers.

It has eight ports: 2 HDMI and 1 VGA, 1 Ethernet, 2 USB3,0 ports, an SD and microSD card slot, a 5 mm headphone and microphone jack, and a USB-C that charge the docking station.

The monitors you provide to them will only be 1920 x 1080 pixels. The docking station won’t be compatible with 4K also.

The USB port is an integrated device that enables you to transfer all the data to your computer, through your smartphone, tablet or your SD card.

And even if you plug in many peripherals, the docking station will heat up at a racial time thanks to rapid heat dissipation.

The next step is to install the latest displaylink driver.

Buy the QGeeM docking station at 76.49 for Amazon.

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